30th Anniversary of Booga Booga Album released digitally!

February 17, 2011

Frank's very first album project, "Frank Macchia's Booga-Booga" is finally being digitally released on CDBaby and iTunes in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of this recording.  The original vinyl album (remember that?) was released in 1981 and featured youthful performers Frank Macchia on sax and woodwinds, Mike Peipman on trumpet, Rob Waterfield on trumpet,  Rick Walsh on trombone, Mike Hatfield on mallets, Rick Myers on electric guitar, Tom Lockett on electric bass, and Rodney Smith on drums.  All original music by Frank which was composed at the tender age of 21, this music features his first forays into odd meters, polyrhythms, polytonality and pure zaniness!!  Look for it soon on CDbaby.com  or iTunes.

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