January 30, 2015



A bundle of all four of Frank's  instrument libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt Cinematic Tension FX 2- plus Volume 1 of the Original CTFX is available now at! 

Cinematic Tension FX2 - Vol 1-2-3   feature 8-10 woodwinds  (V1-Bass Flutes; V2-Bass Clarinets; V3-Piccolos) performing over 2 gigs of runs, spills, pushes, hits, gestures, ostinatos & textures to give your music a new set of unique sounds that can help with transitions, tension, suspense & horror!  CTFX2 features a tempo sync function where the phrases and samples will lock into your DAW's tempo making that transition into a new scene time perfectly with your compositions.  There is also a very cool set of reverse samples that can be engaged by utilizing the mod wheel for even more crazed sonic  textures.  Add to this an effects section that includes reverbs, delay, chorus, flange, rotary panning, EQ  and you have the makings of one amazing sonic effects beast!    Recorded with loving care on a pristine audio chain of an A Designs Pacifica preamp, a Lawson L47 tube microphone and a Lucas CS-1 condensor with Lynx Aurora  convertors.


You can buy this bundle of sonic love here:



 CTFX Bundle

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