September 27, 2019

If you are currently a member of NARAS please consider voting for Brock and my album "Rhythm Kaleidoscope" under the following:

General Field:

Category: Album of the Year - Frank Macchia - Brock Avery  "Rhythm Kaleidoscope" (not a chance in Hell we'll get nominated for this but wouldn't it be a kick if we did!!

Field: Jazz   

Category - Improvised Jazz Solo - Frank Macchia  "Piglets Bouncing On A Trampoline"

Category - Jazz Instrumental Album -  Frank Macchia-Brock Avery  "Rhythm Kaleidoscope"

Field: Composing/Arranging   

Category - Instrumental Composition - Frank Macchia-Brock Avery  "Outer Spaces Suite 3: Lightspeed" (under "O" for Outer")

Category - Arrangement, Instrumental-Acapella - Frank Macchia-Brock Avery  "Rhythm Kaleidoscope"  (under "R" for Rhythm)

Field: Classical  

Category - Contemporary Classical Composition - Frank Macchia-Brock Avery "Shimmering Vibrations"  (under "S")

I really appreciate your taking the time to consider us for nomination.  I hope you enjoy it!

All the best,


PS- If you need help with the Online Grammy voting procedures here's a handy video that explains how to do it:

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