May 15, 2021


Hi y'all!  I've obviously been left alone too long during 2020 and this is the result of my isolation! "Aviarium (A Haunt Of Wild Birds)" is the result of sitting in my backyard back in April 2020 and hearing an amazing display of birdsong by a local cast of birds and I had the presence of mind to record their performance on my phone, with no real intention of anything. The next morning they gave me a new performance and I got the idea of transcribing and harmonizing their songs into a piece for 16 woodwinds, keyboards and mallet percussion, I layered the two recordings and it gave me the idea that this now sounded more like an aviarium with dozens of birds all singing away.  After recording the piece I got an idea of making a stop motion video with lots of toy rubber duckies that I could arrange into various shapes and tried my best to create a June Taylor Dancers (from the old Jackie Gleason show- yes I'm THAT old!) choreograhy of the ducks moving to the rhythms of the birdsong. This took longer than I thought! So finally, here's  "Aviarium (A Haunt of Wild Birds)" for your visual consumption!

YouTube Link:  https://youtu.be/mprgxbC7FtQ


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