Just Finished Recording New CD!

July 25, 2009

Frank went into Entourage Studios in North Hollywood, CA on July 14th and recorded a whopping 14 songs for a new CD called Folk Songs for Jazz Orchestra.  It features an all star band: Wayne Bergeron- trumpet  Peter Erskine- drums  Grant Geissman- guitar  Trey Henry- bass  Alex Iles- trombone/baritone horn  Sal Lozano-alto sax & multi-woodwinds  Jay Mason- bari/bass sax & multi-woodwinds  Kevin Porter- trombone/baritone horn/tuba  Tom Ranier- piano  Bill Reichenbach-  trombone/baritone horn/tuba  Bob Sheppard- tenor sax & multi-woodwinds.  Frank arranged a bunch of traditional folk songs in a non-traditional way and he's also playing tenor sax and multi-woodwinds.  There's also a bonus track featuring Valarie King on bass flute with Frank on bass and contrabass flutes (multi-tracked).  Guest vocalists will be announced soon.  Stay tuned- we're hoping to have this CD finished and out by year's end!

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